Find information about living Off-Campus and browse through our collection of resources.

Before Signing a Lease

  • Considering Options

    Learn the pros and cons of houses vs apartments, questions to ask landlords, budgeting tips, and roommate questionnaires.

  • City of Oxford’s Approved Rentals List

    Check to make sure the property is on the Approved Rentals List, and that the lease abides by the occupancy limit of the property.

  • Lease Signing

    Understand what type of lease you are signing, common addendums in leases, and tips for signing the lease.

Moving In

  • Planning Your Move

    Information about utilities, renters insurance, and ideas for what to pack.

  • Utilities

    The City of Oxford website for students and residents - includes information for utilities and signing up for water, sewer and trash.

  • Move-In Checklist

    Tips for documenting existing damage as you move in.

Once You Move In

  • Living in Oxford

    Information on local laws and ordinances, parking, being a good neighbor, safety, safety and social hosting.

  • Oxford Visitor’s Bureau

    Recommendations, calendars, and announcements about living in the City of Oxford.

  • Citizen Support Center

    Make requests, find information, and download appropriate forms for the City of Oxford